I ♥ Libraries!

People often ask me about my job and what got me interested in working in libraries. This morning I was reminiscing over my childhood and realized that while I did play the typical things other kids played, I also played at being a librarian (as well as a newspaper journalist!). I would arrange all of my books neatly (this was back in the day of Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High), tape/glue up a fake wall made out of paper (this made my parents happy I am sure!) and managed my own method of checking out books. I’m sure there were times I lined my dolls up and played “school,” and I know I played “house,” but I think that the amount of time spent on organizing and reading my books, as well as the make-believe library that I made goes to show that my love of libraries is not a passing whim.

I cannot recall a time in my life where libraries were not a part of it. I grew up making weekly trips to the library with my mom. We were lucky enough to have a neighborhood branch within walking distance, so each Saturday we would gather our books and library cards and make the trek across the park to the library. Not only were we avid readers, but we also participated in most of the library programs that were offered to the kids. The Summer Reading Program was one of my favorite activities to participate in during the summer months.

The library was also my first official job. I started working at the neighborhood branch when I was 15, as a page. I worked there many years, and later came back to the same library and worked as a Clerk. My little neighborhood library holds some fond memories of first job hi-jinks, friends made, people met, and things learned. It’s from that job that I made the decision to become a librarian myself. Any community that has their own library is blessed and should cherish it always.  ♥