The Rules of Blogging


Blogging is hard. First you need a message. If you look at some of the more popular bloggers, you may notice they focus on particular topics and rarely stray from what their audience expects to see from them. If a blogger wants to branch out you may notice that they give each topic its own space.

Bloggers who gain a regular following usually end up with their own identity or brand. Many times this brand is a reflection of the topic you can expect the blogger to wax poetic about.

Bloggers who post regularly can usually build a pretty good fan base. They become that person that people look forward to reading because they are always posting fresh and interesting content that stays on topic.

Bloggers who understand the importance of sharing across social media platforms will also benefit from  the virtual word-of-mouth marketing that the share button provides.  Being able to provide those outlets to your readers opens your content up to a wider audience.

As a blogger, you also have to know your audience. Where to find them, how to market your blog to them AND keep them interested. Many times that means staying on top of current events and trends.

Like I said, blogging is hard. It’s a lot of work if you want to do it “right.” Coming up with content, posting regularly, including interesting photographs, moderating comments and responding to followers can become a full time job in itself.

I’m not entirely sure what direction this blog will be taking. In a previous life it was a blog I created while I was in college and grad school and I used it to gather library-related resources and discuss library-related topics. Then it veered into book review territory, but to be honest, I am completely happy using GoodReads for all of my book review needs. Chances are good I will go against every good blogging tip for successful blogs and just blog about what I want when I want. Those who want to come along for the ride are welcome.