Summer Wrap


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Summer Reading is coming to an end. This is the last week for kids and families to get prizes for points and kids in our service area started back to school this week. That means first and foremost, recovery from summer reading chaos, BUT, looming in the background is everything that will be starting back up again in a couple of weeks, as well as NEW things that are coming.

Here’s what I have been up to. I am planning on some fun stuff for Shark Week (Discovery Channel has Shark Week every year). I have special displays, a movie night where Jaws where will be playing, and I will be making (with some help) a huge shark mouth that people can stand behind and get their picture taken in for our social media.Oh yeah, and a new drop-in craft using paper plates to make shark mouths.

I’ve also been working on my teen advisory board. I already have three teens interested out of the 12 I am wanting to have. I have been getting paperwork and packets ready for interviews, writing out outlines for all of our meetings so I know what needs to be covered when for programming purposes, scheduling the meeting room, looking at how to best communicate and stay in touch with the TAB once we get off the ground (will need their input on this one), doing some professional reading on TABs, and networking with people who have experience working with TABs. Plus, I have looked up all the teachers in our service area to send letters to specific ones to see if they will kindly refer students who are looking for volunteer opportunities to me. I’m sure at work it doesn’t look like I’m doing much since so much of it involves sitting in front of a computer, but there is actually quite a bit going on. I’m actually considering going ahead and letting those interested get started now. I haven’t planned for it yet, so that needs to be done first.

Also, I have been busy with putting together training material for a Pinterest class a fellow librarian and I will be co-teaching. Our first class will be Sept. 11th and the class is already full. Not really nervous because it is Pinterest and I know Pinterest pretty well (ha, ha), but it is still work to create the outline/material and collaborate with someone else and work out what we will do. The class actually counts toward Indiana state tech LEUs for librarians who take it, so I want them to learn something from it. There is nothing more annoying (to me) than going to a training session or conference and not learning anything new from it. I want people to have fun and learn some new things, or at the very least get some inspiration on new ways to use it.

In non-libraryland, I have been playing Warcraft again. I love that I am a librarian AND a gamer girl and that I play Warcraft. I don’t know, it’s probably not that unique, but I still like it about myself. It is who I am. I tried to quit playing, tried to find other games that would compare, but honestly, I have yet to find another game that has as much depth to it, the quality, and the social aspect that I have found in Warcraft. Although, to be honest, the social aspect has changed quite a bit since I originally started playing. My main toon is gearing up for the new expansion and I am enjoying running raids with strangers for the first time. There is nothing quite like being in a raid with 25 other people and seeing all the action going on. 

In other non-library news, my youngest son will be a Senior. Meanwhile, my other half’s youngest will be starting Kindergarten. I’m also going to be a maid of honor for the first time, and I may have found a new church home. 

That’s about it for now. Duty (work) calls. :)


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